Monday, June 18, 2012

Team Epic Development Status

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  • 6/29/2012
    • Epic 4G
      • DRockstar is making progress on the keymaps to allow buttons like .com and smiley to work.  He's looking into coding a smiley picker for CM that would be required for the smiley button.
    • Sprint SGS3
    • Epic Touch
      • Still waiting for kernel source!
  • 6/23/2012 Epic 4G
    • nubecoder fixed haptic feedback in the experimental 3.0 kernel.  This is part of our long-term goal to upgrade the kernel to 3.0.x and merge more source with crespo4g.
  • 6/21/2012 Sprint SGS3 CM9 Development Plan is being maintained here.
  • 6/20/2012 Sprint SGS3 Kernel Source
      • Samsung released the kernel source.  We pushed it to github so others can more easily work on it.  Team members are already working on the kernel and recovery.  Phones begin arriving tomorrow!
    • 6/18/2012 Development Status
      • All Devices
        • CM9 MMS Regression Fix
          • Team Epic followers were instrumental (by screaming loud enough) when a recent patch inherited from AOSP broke MMS on all Sprint devices.  Without your testing and feedback we wouldn't have caught this bug before CM9 RC1.  Nightly builds from 6/18 should have this issue fixed.
        • CM9 Location Regression Fix
          • Team Epic followers complaining the failure of Foursquare and other apps that use location in recent builds were important in identifying that the problem affected all CM9 and it was not isolated to a single broken device.  Thanks to CM developer Entropy512 who was able to quickly isolate the regression in one of the Linaro patches.  It is now fixed in nightly builds leading to CM9 RC1.
      • Epic 4G [Google+]
        • CM9 RC1 coming soon.  Please test the official nightly builds and follow the development news here
        • kernel-3.0.x:  bbelos, noobnl and nubecoder continue work on the kernel-3.0.x port.  See the kernel-specific news here.
        • crespo4g modem: noobnl is making progress enabling Update PRL and Profile on CM9 with an experimental and current unstable port of the crespo4g modem on Epic 4G.  This like the 3.0.x kernel are long-term goals.  We will ship it in CM9 when it is equally as stable as what it replaces.
        • Independent Recovery: DRockstar is working on a fully independent recovery that lives in bml8 that you can access via 3-finger boot.  This allows you to access recovery even if bml7 is broken, without Odin or a USB cable.  Due to the mtd/bml issue we need a complicated 2-stage boot design for this to work. 
      • Epic Touch [Google+]
        • Clarification: No CM Stable Releases Yet
          Epic Touch will not be among the devices that release RC1 with CM9.  This device will have alpha releases for now, beta after we have a fully working ICS kernel built from source, then RC/stable releases only after that is proven stable and we have a fully safe CWM recovery that no longer needs the temporary update-binary hack.
        • E4GT Development Changelog is here.
        • CWM recovery now included in nightly builds.  It currently has temporary, ugly hacks to neuter the ext4 libraries and enforce the use of a "safe" update-binary in order to avoid the infamous EMMC erase permabrick bug that has been destroying phones.  The forced update-binary is incompatible with many other .zip's, especially for older ROM's or alternate kernels.
        • Waiting on Samsung's Kernel Source.  Once Sprint releases the official ICS for E4GT, the kernel source will allow us to achieve the following goals.
          • Make a permanent, safe recovery without the EMMC safety ugly hacks described above.
          • Enable kexec, so CWM recovery can boot directly into temporary stock for E4GT without needing to reflash your recovery.
          • Fix numerous other bugs and enhance features that require modifying the kernel.
          • After stability testing, E4GT will finally become an official CM9 supported device. 
      • Nexus S 4G [Google+]
        • burnsra recently upgraded the binaries blobs used by crespo4g in the official CM9 nightly builds.  Please help to confirm the nightly builds are good as we approach CM9 RC1.
      • Sprint Galaxy Nexus [Google+]
        • New Maintainer: Team Epic has purchased a toroplus and shipped it to burnsra, who will be the permanent CM9 maintainer from this point forward.
        • Since CM9 beta1 from 6/8, nightly builds of toroplus have been very stable.  The only remaining issue is sometimes erroneous reporting of the carrier name while roaming.  We are not entirely sure how to fix this, as the two related patches we are trying have not entirely solved the issue.  In any case, aside from annoyances like this, CM9 for Sprint Galaxy Nexus will remain as stable as CM9 itself.
        • Please help by testing the toroplus nightly builds as we approach CM9 RC1.
      • Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III [Google+]
        • Sprint's new flagship Android phone goes on sale June 21st.  Team Epic has already pre-ordered a few phones.  Soon we will have ~6 developers working on SGS3 from launch day.
        • NO PROMISES.  It might be a LONG TIME before we have all hardware features of SGS3 working on CM9.  We currently have little idea how difficult it will be as we do not have the phone yet.
        • Top Priorities
          • Make a stable and safe CWM recovery.
          • Port kexec to the kernel to enable faster kernel development and incremental testing.
          • Make a "temporary stock from EMMC" ROM.  Aside from being a handy utility for CM( users to be able to Update PRL & Profile, this will allow the developers to quickly compare the behavior of CM9 with that of the stock ROM, thus hastening our development of CM9 on the platform.

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    1. I'm have been having issues with my gnexus running the mms patch+ nightlies. My web browser crashes on random sites all the time, such as mmo-champion, diablofans, and full engadget site. Only crashed once on mobile. I've wiped data multiple times in an effort to correct it without luck.